Motivating Moral Story - Blind Man in Hospital

Motivating Moral Story - Blind Man in Hospital

Motivating Moral Story - Blind Man in Hospital

This is a very highly Motivating Moral Story of a Blind Man in Hospital who lets his partner see the world through his non existent eyes.

Two men were admitted in the hospital room. The man closer to the window was allowed to sit for a few minutes daily. But the other man had injuries which prohibited that.

The man next to the window would describe the view of a very beautiful flower garden and would describe about each flower and each butterfly or bee that visited the flowers in great detail.

After a few days the bed ridden man used to look forward for those few minutes when this man was made to sit up, because he actually started seeing the outside world through the other mans eyes.

A few weeks later the man who was allowed to sit up was shifted for operation. A couple of months later on his insistence the doctor allowed the bed ridden man to sit up. He eagerly looked out of the window to see the flower garden his friend used to describe.

A wall and barren land beyond was all that he could see. The man could not believe what he saw and asked the nurse where his friend is. The nurse replied, “Oh that blind man, he died on the operation table.”

Moral of the Motivating Story - Blind Man in the Hospital

“Find happiness in making others happy, despite your own situations.”


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