Motivating Moral Story of Decision Making

Motivating Moral Story on Decision Making

Motivating and Inspiring Moral Story
Decision Making

This is a motivating moral story of a washer man who went to sell his donkey with his son and made a fool of himself with his bad decision making.

A washer man was taking his old donkey to the market with his son riding the donkey. Some people who saw this, said, “What a son that makes his old father walk”.

The son felt embarrassed, got down and decided to let his father ride the donkey. Some people who saw this, said, “What a set of foolish father and son. They have a donkey and yet one of them is walking”.

Now based on this input, the father and the son made their second decision and both of them started riding the donkey together. Some people who saw this, said, “What a merciless pitiable act. Two people riding on a poor old donkey?”

Based on the new remarks the father and son did analysis of the situation and took yet another decision. They both got down and carried the donkey all the way.

They were too tired by the time they reached the market, tripped over a stone and fell down injuring themselves and killing the donkey they brought this far to sell.

Moral of this Inspiring Motivating Story

“What people think is their problem. Make decisions based on what you think.”


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